Generic level automation

Various activities in an organization are powered by a set of generic processes. The Work 121 system automates such generic processes thus providing enhanced robustness, agility and ease-of-use.

Process centric architecture

The Work 121 system does not take the conventional ‘Stop Gap’ approach of ‘Fixing’ IT requirements. Instead, it empowers the ‘Processes’ which actually run the organization.

Artificial intelligence

Software without intelligence is like an employee without a brain ! Use the power of Artificial intelligence and empower your organization to match-up with the best in the world.

Ergonomic optimization

The Work 121 system introduces ergonomic optimization into government software. Stunning graphics, soothing shades, clean interfaces and a lot more, that keeps your subordinates working for longer hours.

Simple . Efficient . Robust

Worried about implementation? Sit back and watch 'Simplicity' do its job…

Simple, Intuitive and Easy-To-Use interface attracts users of all ‘Attitudes’. Watch ‘Resistance to Change’ convert to ‘Inspiration to Change’.

Automation or Mechanization?

No need for you to do what the WORK 121 system can…

Is ‘entering data and printing reports’ the sole objective of software? Harness the real power of Automation with software which Actually Reduces Human Effort.

State of the art software

Some of the most advanced technologies at your service…

Artificial Intelligence, Ergonomic Optimization, Geo-Spatial integration, Mobile Technologies… use the Best-in-Class technologies to enhance performance.

World class support

Get immaculate support driven by ‘passion’; not by ‘greed’…

24 X 7 on site / telephonic technical support, Specialized training sessions & material, Resident Engineers, Video based tutorials for all services. No more ‘Pleading for Service’!